Behind the Seams: Making PUNJAMMIES®

We recently spent time with our sewing center partners in India and were able to capture a few photos of the PUNJAMMIES® making process.  Here is our Bhara-print PUNJAMMIES® from start to finish.


We begin with white cotton and screen print the unique patterns and colors onto the fabric.  Once the print is completed, the fabric is draped in long strips from the ceiling and allowed to dry.  The following day, the fabric is passed through a large heated roller to give the colors even more time to set.  During India’s monsoon/rainy season (July through September), we have to allow for even longer (read as: a lot longer) periods of drying time due to the humidity and, sometimes, flooding.
When the fabric is completely dry, it is treated for color fastness (to make sure the colors do not run or fade) and then rolled onto a bolt.  From the textile printer, it is shipped to one of our partner sewing centers so that they can cut it by hand into one of the PUNJAMMIES® patterns.
The women in the sewing centers will then take the PUNJAMMIES® pattern and work as a team to turn it into pants, capris or robes! One woman may sew the pants, while another woman will sew on the borders, and another woman will add the beads to the drawstring or fold the finished product.
image: ©PaulaWattsPhotography
From start to finish, the loungewear you purchase was proudly made with the help of many hands. And, just like the big bolt of fabric, every single person who makes, sells and wears Sudara goods is woven into the same, beautiful story of FREEDOM.
image: ©PaulaWattsPhotography


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