Barre3 CEO + Founder Sadie Lincoln is All About Empowerment

Sadie Lincoln Barre3 CEO

Barre3 is all about empowerment. They want to empower everyone who walks through their doors to feel their best from the inside out. Now, this is a mission we can get on board with! We sat down with the incredibly talented Barre3 CEO + Founder, Sadie Lincoln, to talk about the business of empowering others, finding balance, and her journey.

P.S. She is also a fan of Olivia Newton John and 70’s soft rock, which makes us love her just a little bit more.

Sudara Interview Barre3 CEO + Founder

Sudara: We’d love to start by hearing your story and what brought you to this point.

Sadie: At the core of my journey is the ability to listen to my intuition and find my purpose both professionally and spiritually. I was raised amongst women in a very supportive environment and was basically surrounded by amazing and nurturing female role models. I believe in a feminine energy and power (yes, men and women both have it) that was missing in the fitness space for many years. I wanted to create a nurturing, collaborative, non-competitive space to disrupt the industry. I created a company around what I value instead of what had been successfully done before.

I created a company around what I value instead of what had been successfully done before.

Sudara: Are there any catalyst events in your life that you believe truly shaped who you are now?

Sadie: I worked for 11 years for a big fitness company, and at the time it was very male dominated. As a result, I learned how to thrive in a masculine environment. The goals and programs were all about being bigger, better, stronger, and centered around externally facing success. We did this by following effective and well-researched mathematical formulas, instead of intuition, and the results were amazing.

But, even though I was successful in this masculine world, I felt my own health was depleting and being stifled. My first pregnancy was a major catalyst that opened me up to my own feminine power (let’s be honest, there are few things more feminine and intuitive than growing a baby). This really gave me a sense of power and a feeling of being present in my body and knowing that it is right.

A combination of my pregnancy along with discovering yoga and focusing on inner practice was transformative and brought inspiration for new ways of growing a business. I still wanted to be an achiever, but do it with feminine power. I worked to trust my instincts, value collaboration in place of competition, let go of formulas, and discover a counterbalance to a lot of what was working previously.

I worked to trust my instincts, value collaboration in place of competition, let go of formulas, and discover a counterbalance…

Sudara: How do you bring your values to your business?

Sadie: Our instructor training embodies the values of Barre3. When our instructors learn how to teach a class, we also teach our approach and the importance to not be gurus. Sometimes, fitness instructors can get a false sense of power around being the expert and that’s not what we want. We want to recognize the real power and gift is showing every person in the room how they can be their own guru and best teacher. We truly want to leverage the collective wisdom of every class. Everyone matters and contributes equally, it’s not all about an instructor on a stage.

When I open every training, I spend lots of time hearing who each of the instructors are and understand the unique genius they bring to the table. I believe their wisdom evolves the product and that we can only get better with crowdsourced learning.

People working out at Barre3

Sudara: What do you like most about running Barre3?

Sadie: Companionship with other amazing people. I have a growing team of smart, bright, giving, creative innovators that are passionate about moving the fitness journey with me who I love.

Sudara: What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs?

Sadie: You already know the answers, believe in what is inside of you. Find an openness to learn and listen.

Thank you, Sadie, for taking the time to share some of your wisdom with us! To learn more about Barre3 (including studio locations and online workouts) check out

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