We’ve been asking ourselves how we can help…

Three Indian Women with fabric

All of us here at Sudara have been closely tracking coronavirus (COVID-19). There is a lot of information out there about this pandemic – so much that it can be difficult to know what to subscribe to, and what to do.

First, we need to take care of ourselves and of our loved ones. Take safety measures to prevent coming into contact with the virus, and spreading it.

This is also a time when the world needs its humans to band together and consider others. Our most marginalized people on the planet are at higher risk than usual, and for those of us who have the means to help, we can.

Choose socially conscious brands. When you spend money on things you need – clothing, coffee, produce – use it with companies that are helping in ways that the world needs.

We’re not just talking about Sudara – we’re talking about all benefit corporations and socially responsible organizations.

This week, as companies around the world respond to this pandemic by temporarily closing their doors, those already at high risk from poverty and lower socio-economic status face even greater challenges than usual. You can help.

If you’re asking “what can I do” here are a few recommendations:

  • Redirect dollars. You don’t need to spend more. Simply, shift your dollars to socially conscious companies. Organizations like Sudara continue to pay wages even if employees in our sewing centers are ill and unable to come to work.
  • Know what you stand for. Visit websites like https://bcorporation.net/ to become familiar with “do good” companies and know what your dollar is supporting.
  • Be prepared, but take only what you need. Having an emergency preparedness plan and resources is important, but remember that if you buy in quantities much greater than what you actually need, supplies won’t be available to others who need them. And the perception of scarcity can lead to panic.
  • Look after others. Check in on your neighbors and those who may need your help. For example, if you are making a run to the grocery store, buy and distribute for friends and neighbors to minimize crowds and help out fellow community members. We’re all in this together.

At Sudara, our U.S. and India-based offices are taking precautions to stay healthy and keep operations running so that we can continue to help women avoid and escape human trafficking through dignified employment. In this time of uncertainty, let’s rise up as an example of resilience and resourcefulness. Let’s help one another and lead the way for others to follow. Together, we are stronger, and we can help those in need.

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