Our inventory is finally here!

SUDARA inventory

We did it! We’re not gonna lie – it wasn’t easy – but thanks to all of you, our inventory has arrived safely in the U.S. at last! Your constant support and belief in our mission carried us through this difficult time, allowing us to continue supporting women and children in India who have been – and still are – at even greater risk during this pandemic. It’s not an exaggeration to say that you have helped save and restore lives.

Please help spread the word – Sudara is OPEN and inventory is shipping now! From all the favorites that you know and love, to the amazing Collective items from our U.S. based partners, plus some new products available for pre-order … get in on the celebration and place your orders now! 

Thank you SO MUCH for holding tight with us, SudaraFam. We’ve been gratefully overwhelmed by your show of love and generosity through this crazy time. And we feel so lucky to have the most loyal customers in the world.

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