Sudara – DocuShort Featured by Behind The Scenes with Laurence Fishburne

Shannon Keith being filmed

We’re so honored to announce that Sudara was chosen for a DocuShort by award-winning educational television series, Behind The Scenes With Host Laurence Fishburne! The piece is running on public television across the U.S., and while we can’t show the version with Laurence Fishburne himself, we are excited to share the video his team created for us. It really gives deeper insight into our mission and why the work we do is more important than ever right NOW, during a time when the women we serve are at even higher risk.

“People are paying attention to supply chains – they want to know exactly what their dollars are supporting because they understand that their money can either cause harm or do good in the world,” says Shannon Keith, Founder + Chairwoman for Sudara. “So many mission focused entities like ours are using business for good because it gives consumers a chance to do their part and know they’re making a difference, while the mission of that entity gets funded faster. And ultimately for Sudara that means we can help more women in India avoid or escape the sex trade.”

The amount of impact we have toward our mission comes not only from the sale of goods through Sudara, but also as a result of donations and grants from Sudara Freedom Fund for “wrap-around services” such as food, housing, medical care, and micro-loans. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, many of the ways Sudara Freedom Fund has traditionally raised funds – like events and corporate donations – are no longer an option due to the pandemic, when more funds are needed than ever before.

Many of you have been asking what you can do to help. So, here it is…

Join us as a Freedom Founder by contributing any amount you can on a recurring monthly basis to Sudara Freedom Fund. This will help us predict when donations will come in so that we can commit to more women and children for as long as it takes for life change to happen. Make a recurring gift of $25 (or more) per month, and we will send you one of our super soft statement tees, “People Are Not Property,” in your choice of size and color.

Be a Freedom Founder with a recurring donation in any amount:

Together, we can create the change the world needs.