From the Ground: Moms on a Mission


Moms around the globe want the same things for their families; safety, nourishment, shelter, clean air and water, education, and opportunities. It’s pretty simple. We might have contrasting ways to get there, but we aren’t so different. As mothers and supporters of mothers, our Sudara Community personifies “Moms on a Mission.”

As I am sure you have seen, the news from India is heartbreaking, but the information from the ground is even more desperate. The women we serve in India suffer disproportionately, as people on the margins do during a crisis, so a temporary shift was imperative.

The fear of leaving their children orphaned is a terrifying reality and something that all mothers feel deeply. These mothers are the sole provider for their children, so vaccinating them is a top priority. Vaccines are in limited supply and our partner on the ground is working to get them from private hospitals with donated funds.

Another priority is keeping them and their families fed through the next critical month of this crisis. Your donations for life-saving aid are getting into the hands of the women we serve and the Indian citizens in need, as we speak. So, when we come out the other side of this imminent crisis, development to reignite their economy will be necessary. Donations have poured in from all corners of the country. Our Sudara Family never ceases to amaze us with their generosity.

So, what can we do as mothers on a mission inside the Sudara Family? Many of you are already doing it by donating to keep our community in India safe and fed. Our mission remains intact, so on the other side of this pressing matter of Covid-19 ravaged communities, jobs will need to be waiting. We are vigilant to keep the women we serve employed, trained, and away from the fear of trafficking.

As a fellow Sudara Family member, customer, and donor, I have challenged myself to shift my dollars to companies committed to doing good in the world. I spend my money with Sudara every chance I get for my own needs and gifts for my family and friends. I support the Sudara Collective, where like-minded companies have teamed up with Sudara to do even more good in the world.

Join me in shifting your dollars for a more significant impact—Happy Mother’s Day to you and the mothers you love. We honor you, the Moms on a Mission, today and every day. Keep up the vital work you do in making the world a more equitable place!


Author: Robin, Sudara Family Member and fellow “Mom on a Mission”