Leap With Us This Labor Day: Turning Intention Into Action

Kaveri Fabric India Woman

You’re more powerful than you may think.

Chances are you’ve heard the term “putting people and planet on par with profit.” And if you’re like most people out there who want to do good, you’ve probably paused more than once to ask yourself what that means and how you can be part of it. Well, we have good news…

You can start right now.

We no longer live in a society where it’s okay to say “I didn’t know.” You have a choice to be on the right side of history. How? We won’t say that it’s easy, but really it’s not difficult. Every time you make a purchasing decision, you’re casting a vote with your dollars.

When you choose a B Corp like Sudara, you’re on the right side of the equation. It’s quite simple. Some supply chains hurt the planet and people. Some do the opposite – they help.

Even the slightest shift in what you buy can have a significant trickle effect. It can mean the difference between supporting someone earning a fair wage, or contributing to slave labor and poverty. And because poverty triggers an abundance of other life challenges and dangers, it can quickly lead to further personal loss and even death.

We’re done talking about change. We’re BEING change.
What Labor Day really means to Sudara 

Sustainable employment for the women we support in India is not only about the fair wage stamp. It’s about changing the landscape of how we care for marginalized societies.

Sudara and our partners don’t just offer fair pay. Our mission is to provide holistic care and a supportive community for true life transformation in the form of economic independence and freedom.

Picture this. A widow living with her two children in the most poverty stricken part of India is on the street after losing her husband, putting her at extremely high risk of becoming trafficked. She has no employable skills training, and never learned to read or write. Her children, a 12-year old girl and a 9-year old girl, are just as vulnerable. It’s not enough to provide this mother with employment because leaving her children on the street while she goes to work exposes them to unthinkable dangers. With no money, the family may also be sick without the means for medical attention and they likely are also suffering from grief and in need of counseling.

This is why Sudara exists. With our partners in India, we provide wraparound services like safe housing, food, childcare, and medical attention to meet critical basic needs, all in addition to offering vocational training needed to secure dignified, living wage employment.

We Invest with Partners Committed to the Whole System
It’s all about sustainability

Our sewing center partners employ the women we help train, and together we pay above average wages plus additional benefits such as meals, transportation to and from work, and even microloans for women who wish to start their own business. The success of this model shows in the 90% loan repayment rate, because it’s an indicator that the women are indeed successful. But it also shows in the things the women tell us such as feeling more valued by their community, and having a higher sense of self worth. (see our Impact Report)

Actions speak just as strongly as words. In a recent heartwarming case a woman who went through vocational training and began a new job chose to donate her entire first paycheck back into the mission so that she could help more women like herself.

Living the Triple Bottom Line Together
Why we’re sounding a battle cry

There is a lot of need for positive change especially now, and it’s going to take us all locking arms to make that change happen – particularly for our mission at Sudara where we’re tackling the fastest growing crime in the world. When you support us, you are helping women at high risk avoid or escape sex slavery by providing them with training for dignified, sustainable employment and a life of freedom.

You can start today.

  • Redirect your dollars. Think not only about supporting Sudara the next time you need a new pair of pajamas or beautiful loungewear, but also educate yourself on all certified B Corps.
  • Rewire your thinking every time you make a purchase, whether it’s for yourself, a loved one, or even for larger-scale purchases. Do you own a company budget? Can you do more good with the funds you control? Consider your sphere of influence and where change can happen for the better.
  • Raise your voice. Educate your friends, family, and network. Spread the word “for good.”